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Financing a vehicle can be a complicated process, but it doesn’t need to be. Financing is simply borrowing money to buy a car and paying it back with interest over time. You can finance through your own bank or credit union, or one that Rocky’s contracts with.

Because we have a great relationship with the banks we work with and because of the sheer number of loans we send to the banks, our finance department gets deals done that other dealerships can’t.

Finance Factors

Several factors determine your ability to get financed and the interest rate you will pay.

These are:

Credit History shows whether you have paid your bills on time and if you have any bills in collection. If you have a good credit history, a bank will be more willing to loan you money at a lower interest rate than someone with a checkered credit past.

The same goes for Job and Residence Stability. Have you been able to hold a steady job? Do you have your own place or are you just crashing at a friend’s house? As for the Car, a bank is more willing to loan money for a newer vehicle with low miles than an older one with high miles. But, the Down Payment is probably the most important factor in determining your interest rate. According to the bank, the more you put down, the less likely you are to default on the loan.

But what happens if you have bad credit? Is there a way to start over and erase it? Unfortunately the answer is no. Bad credit will stick with you for a while, but you can get yourself straightened out by establishing a good current credit pattern. A regular car payment can help get your credit back on the right track. With a minimum of 10% down, proof of income, a phone bill, six references and a genuine desire to better your credit, we can usually find a bank that will give you what you need.

The bottom line is that we will help you get in the vehicle you need and want with as little fuss as possible. We have the resources and connections to make a great deal happen for almost anybody and we’ll give you the respect you deserve. Just bring your current information with you, and we’ll get you back on the road in no time.


Prequalify Today

It's fast, easy & secure