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Officer Odell teaches Shaggy how to share. Rocky’s has hot dogs and sodas while you shop the best deals in Colorado! Stop in! Have fun! Drive away happy! Rocky’s Autos, 63rd & Federal.



The Amazing Joey visits the lot, and Shaggy is so nice, he even gives him the shirt off his back…..sort of…..





Where else can you enjoy the summer, all while planning your summer fun? At Rocky’s, of course! We’re your one-stop shop for all your adventurous summer needs. Rocky’s Autos, 63rd & Federal!


Officer Odell takes a day off! What’s he up to? Gardening, of course! With Spring around the corner, families of all sizes are looking to enjoy the Summer together. Take a look at all the vans for YOUR family. Only at Rocky’s Autos!


For those who are new in town, this here’s  a hardy hello and introduction to the best dealer in Colorado! We’re Rocky’s Autos!


Meet Lindsey, the new recruit. Shagman’s feeling the squeeze!



Tom Martino talks with Jill, who’s been carrying an embarrassing secret. Don’t be like Jill…..


For years, Tom Martino (The Troubleshooter) has backed Rocky’s Autos, and for good reason. We’re fast, safe and secure with your next car! Check us out! 


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The ever-popular rap video, featuring the multi-talented  characters from Rocky’s Autos!